Installation of Sitecore XP 9.2 with graphical setup package

When I read about the Sitecore Experience Platform 9.2 Initial Release I was pleasantly suprised that there is also a graphical installation package – this is a graphical Installation wizard which leads you through the installation of Sitecore 9.2.

There is a resource “Graphical setup package for XP Single” which I downloaded to start my tryout.

After downloading I opened the zip file and I recognized a familiar set of Json and Script files which let me know that the Sitecore Installation Framework (SIF) is not gone 🙂

I had nothing to change in the given JSON files so every setup parameter which is needed will be entered in the installation wizard.

So i executed the setup.exe with administrator rights and was looking forward about the results.

Step 1 – Welcome

Step 2 – Prerequisites

You can skip the installation of prerequisites when not needed. If not, do the installation please

Step 3 – Sitecore settings

So now I was starting to pass the Sitecore settings

Step 4 – SQL Server settings

Entering the local SQL Server settings

Step 5 – Solr settings

Note: Solr 7.5.0 service will not be installed with this setup, you have to do it manually before you start this Sitecore installation. Enter here your correct paths and data about your installed Solr version.

You can find a lot of blog post how to install Solr with NSSM and setting up with SSL in the internet.

Step 6 – Summary

You have the chance to check all entered settings and informations before the installation.

Step 7 – Validate

When everything is fine – click Install

Step 8 – Install

There are 89 tasks to be executed, on my machine it takes about 10 minutes without checking/installing prerequisites.

Error case

No worries, everything will be logged 🙂 So once you can see the exception message within the wizard or you can open the Log-folder via klick on the Log link.


This is a real easy way of installing a local Sitecore XP Developer Workstation (XP Single) instance. It was really fast and intuitiv. If you really need no customization of the installation package and maybe don’t want to touch Powershell this is a really good way to do the job.


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