Integration of Search & Navigation in Optimizely 12

Hi there, with the fundamental change of Optimizely CMS Version 12 to .net5 there are some differences in the configuration of Optimizely Search & Navigation (SaaS) Search Service. Here you can find a step by step introduction to get it up and running in your local development environment.

Create your developer index

Create your own developer index for testing first

Adding Search & Navigation to your website

Install latest NuGet package EPiServer.Find.Cms within your Solution

Install-Package EPiServer.Find.Cms

Configure Search & Navigation in your website

In your Startup.cs class add Search & Navigation in ConfigureServices method


In your appsettings.json add the find configuration with the values of your developer index

If you use external Identity Provider like Azure AD like in my case, please map the admin users to the virutal roles WebAdmins and SearchAdmins in order to get access to the Search & Navigation dashboard

Go to the scheduled jobs in the Admin area and execute job “EPiServer Find Content Indexing Job“, this one should complete successfully

That should be all for a simple integration of the Search service. Further information you can find also here

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