Marketing Automation Glossary

Sometimes it is not easy to find "the one" page for all the acronyms you have to find about Sitecore's amazing Marketing Automtation Tool. But also a some general marketing buzzwords I want to explain here: Term or AcronymDescriptionContactAn entity in the Sitecore Experience Database (xDB) that represents a real person who interacts with your… Continue reading Marketing Automation Glossary

Appsettings.json for each developer in Optimizely 12 and .NET 5

As we started with a new Optimizely 12 project based on .net5 we first had no idea how to deal with the app settings (connection strings, find service endpoint, blob folder path etc..) which are mostly different for every developer in the team. In previous projects based on Optimizely version < 12 we were able… Continue reading Appsettings.json for each developer in Optimizely 12 and .NET 5

Integration of Search & Navigation in Optimizely 12

Hi there, with the fundamental change of Optimizely CMS Version 12 to .net5 there are some differences in the configuration of Optimizely Search & Navigation (SaaS) Search Service. Here you can find a step by step introduction to get it up and running in your local development environment. Create your developer index Create your own… Continue reading Integration of Search & Navigation in Optimizely 12

Force cleaning Optimizely CMS trash bin

In a migration project where I had to migrate a lot of pages, about 400k pages with multiple blocks each, where we had an incremental approach with Migration of batches, testing, fixing and remigration i really filled up my database with a lot of "deleted" items which I was not aware of- and that for… Continue reading Force cleaning Optimizely CMS trash bin

Request Entity Too Large error on data import

When exporting a big amount of content via Epi Admin Tools and importing into local environment you can receive an Error because the file size limitation. “The remote server returned an error: (413) Request Entity Too Large. Request entity too large.” The limits can be extended so you can import larger *.episerverdata files in the… Continue reading Request Entity Too Large error on data import

Update site settings after database import

There are a some scenarios, for example content migration, where you have to export the database from a DXP environment and import into the local environment. As it seams really easy to export the database via Epi/Optimizely PaaS Portal and import into local machine there is one thing be aware of - there is no… Continue reading Update site settings after database import

How to stop malicious files being uploaded to Media Library by content type (MIME)

I had the requirement to validate files before uploading into the Sitecore's Media Library - if its not a item in the decided type, the upload should be blocked and the User should be informed. So I found out that there is a Sitecore's Filter tool This tool works really nice for checking/filtering the… Continue reading How to stop malicious files being uploaded to Media Library by content type (MIME)

How to install Sitecore SXA module

To install SXA module, you must have Sitecore XP installed on your on-premise work station. You also have to download the SXA installation package that corresponds to your version of the Sitecore XP from the SXA Downloads page. Sitecore's SXA download page Prerequisites Before installing SXA, ensure that you have the following installed: Sitecore Experience Platform… Continue reading How to install Sitecore SXA module

Installation of Sitecore XP 9.2 with graphical setup package

When I read about the Sitecore Experience Platform 9.2 Initial Release I was pleasantly suprised that there is also a graphical installation package - this is a graphical Installation wizard which leads you through the installation of Sitecore 9.2. There is a resource "Graphical setup package for XP Single" which I downloaded to start my… Continue reading Installation of Sitecore XP 9.2 with graphical setup package

How experience data is getting collected and aggregated in Sitecore

Collecting Data All data collections will be done by the Sitecore Tracker. It continuously tracks the actions of the visitors on the website. Tracker is independent from xDB and xConnect. How is the data flow? When a new visitor visits a website or channel on a Content Delivery role, a session is created for that visitor.The session contains a… Continue reading How experience data is getting collected and aggregated in Sitecore