Integration of Search & Navigation in Optimizely 12

Hi there, with the fundamental change of Optimizely CMS Version 12 to .net5 there are some differences in the configuration of Optimizely Search & Navigation (SaaS) Search Service. Here you can find a step by step introduction to get it up and running in your local development environment. Create your developer index Create your own… Continue reading Integration of Search & Navigation in Optimizely 12

Force cleaning Optimizely CMS trash bin

In a migration project where I had to migrate a lot of pages, about 400k pages with multiple blocks each, where we had an incremental approach with Migration of batches, testing, fixing and remigration i really filled up my database with a lot of "deleted" items which I was not aware of- and that for… Continue reading Force cleaning Optimizely CMS trash bin

Request Entity Too Large error on data import

When exporting a big amount of content via Epi Admin Tools and importing into local environment you can receive an Error because the file size limitation. “The remote server returned an error: (413) Request Entity Too Large. Request entity too large.” The limits can be extended so you can import larger *.episerverdata files in the… Continue reading Request Entity Too Large error on data import

Update site settings after database import

There are a some scenarios, for example content migration, where you have to export the database from a DXP environment and import into the local environment. As it seams really easy to export the database via Epi/Optimizely PaaS Portal and import into local machine there is one thing be aware of - there is no… Continue reading Update site settings after database import